So here I am sitting here updating all my social networking sites and connecting all the dots… Problem is I have my senior thesis in which to work on but right now and for a long time I haven’t had any motivation. Then the other day my Professor gave me a rude awakening.. now the pressure builds. I took pictures of Harlem being seriously depressed by all that I saw. It’s crazy the Harlem that these authors the people of Harlem talk about doesn’t exist anymore. Well maybe it does through the murals on the walls of new buildings and the museums that attempt to keep the dream of Harlem alive. Maybe through the schomberg library who works hard to continue to archive and keep alive the memory of the black Harlem that once was through events, arts and writings from authors old and new. The question is and the one that Ive been seeking to answer can the Harlem we once knew that we learned about in books be renewed? No I believe that Harlem died with the many writers, artists and entrepreneurs that didn’t just look to create wealth but a sense of society, culture and blackness that many didn’t take for granted and was being created and solidified. Now everyone is on the streets of Harlem trying to make a dollar, attempting to not achieve the American dream or upkeep the black one but just simply to survive. Whose fault is it? Who knows but Harlem is no longer just a commodity in which to partake of through a bus tour. So I say au revoir Black Harlem, and bojour to la nouvelle Harlem Renaissance.

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