Michael Jackson Misunderstood Till the End

So it’s not news to anyone anymore but Michael Jackson has passed away at the age of 50 years old. With so much left to give to the entertainment industry and the world at large, so it’s heartbreaking to know his beautiful voice, and his genius mind has been silenced. This past week has proven to be a ride or die fan week where because of allegations that might I add were never, Ever, proven of Michael molesting children at his home. People have said really awful things about him because of the way media chooses to portray him on television, magazines, newspapers, and on the Internet. The problem that they continue to come across is that this man’s talent was just out of this world only few people can be a famous celebrity the world over and he managed to do that in his 50 years on this Earth.

My heart truly goes out to his family and close friends minus Joe Jackson whom continues to seem to find ways to exploit his son in order to make monetary gain in life. I’ve had debates on the Internet via Twitter and Facebook as to the validity of the abuse that if you’re smart enough and can read people and their psyche that it’s so obvious that Michael and all of Joe’s children were abused by his own hands both mentally, physically, and emotionally. People often say that they were just weird but guess what they weren’t it was more to them than that. Everyone has their own opinion but I’m sure being a former abused child that this is what was taking place in the home. It’s evident in his songs what had happen to him and the amount of pressure he was under as a child to measure up to his father’s standards, i.e. “Childhood” From the Free Willy Soundtrack was such a great indicator of that. I don’t want to hear about songs not meaning anything or just being fiction, any great song writer talks about things that they know or have seen. So to Joe Jackson a big F U is in order I don’t have any respect for him whatsoever. For his wife whom by religion has chosen to either turn the blind eye or be brainwashed by Joe’s reasoning for abusing his children I say I feel sorry for you but of course you’ll have to deal with your maker providing you haven’t asked for forgiveness for allowing it.

I hope that people start to really realize that life is so short, and that someone despite what the all mighty media says or portrays they’ve done, starts to cherish the best of the best in our society. Michael Jackson single handily made the 80’s and 90’s in pop culture amazing and people continue to sample his greatness when it comes to music and dance i.e Rihanna “Please Don’t Stop the Music”, Jay Z ” H to Izzo” Chris Brown and his dance moves that are so reflective of his upbringing. This man was so amazing and so giving and he didn’t deserve to be treated or talked about so disgusting as the way he was and I will continue to demand he be respected. At this time his body has not been laid to rest but I hope that his soul and spirit is with the Lord and that he’s singing with the angels now watching over his family, friends and ultimate fans who believed in him all along. I love you Michael and I’ll miss you but you’ll never be forgotten.

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