Rihanna is Art

I’m totally loving Rihanna’s style and the album. Remember when the music industry was about an artist being able to have life imitate art. She did that here and got flack. Oh Rihanna’s too dark, oh no Rihanna is too sexy,  goodness gracious I miss the shut up and drive Rihanna the one who sang about being under her umbrella. Guess what in life the light isn’t always shining, sometimes being understated don’t pay the bills, sometimes you need to let a dude no give you the keys to the car you don’t even want him to drive. LMAO yup I said it Rihanna is what 21 or 22 and she’s doing her and I appreciate her and respect her craft. Stop hating you don’t have to co-sign everything someone does because regardless of anything she’ll do her you’ll do you. Now shut up and watch this ultra sexy and artistic Rihanna Rockstar Video

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