American Music Awards 2010

Ms. Avril making her way down the carpet I wasn’t impressed but then again I don’t think with her I ever was but I do love her song complicated and her jewelry. E for effort

Remember the monkeys with the wings on their backs… I’m just saying love the color but the design was all wrong Fergie you get an F and F doesn’t stand for your name it stands for fashion failure

 J. Alba loving her here sleek and sexy in her black number taking a cue from Jay Z. all black everything. B+ for black sexiness

 Loving K. Perry here she is glowing like crazy and that dress is beautiful go girl it’s your birthday you get an A.


Oh Nicki why oh why Nicki such a beautiful smile but utter drettitude (thanks Leon Talley)  F for you.
 Dear Rihanna I love it!
Bringing African Sexy back
 Both Kelly and Rihanna killing them right here fabulous two A’s
Great job sigh of relief when I saw that she wasn’t in red i was starting to think that she was just a one color wonder. I’m loving the edge in the eyes and the dress so sexy A- mama! she gotta minus cause those shoes are kinda wack oops sorry boo.
Family of fashion problem is that Miss Independent is one the verge of a wedgie right here. Sorry go back to the designer you do not pass go you do not get a grade. I do love that half of a beautiful jacket though and give mommy back her boots stop playing.
 No sweety this was just wrong she wanted a train and they gave her a train wreck. F for Miley no bueno! P.S. The makeup was tight though. Muah

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