Going Natural the Journey to the Big Cut

       So it’s been quite a process not only has it been an adjustment physically emotionally. You  don’t realize how much of an impact your physical has on your mental the outlook you have on yourself until you make a drastic change. For me that was making the drastic of going natural and dawning a low hair cut with just natural hair. Why did I do it? Well for a long time I wanted to go natural but always had a million and one excuses as to why I couldn’t do it my scalp being tender is number one and the second being that I felt like more grade of hair was not good hair grade and that it wouldn’t look good on me. 
     Before the big chop I had a mohawk cut that had grew out and my plan was to grow out my hair but I’d have to go really short in order to do so. I thought to myself that maybe that if this was my chance maybe I should take it. What pushed me over the edge was the event I went to in Harlem for master artist Sam Fine who was promoting his amazing DVD Fine Beauty (which you should def buy) and I was in my wig and surrounded in a sea of beautiful sistas whom all seem to be natural and just lovely. Was this a sign from God that it was time to let go of the creamy crack that had taken over my life? I think so and from that night I was on a mission, I knew that with the momentum I had from that night I had to cut all the straight hair off and make the change. So after some advice I went to a  natural salon in downtown Brooklyn called Sol. Rob would be the one to the honors and he made it a not so bad process by talking to me and telling me how beautiful I was. It still didn’t stop me from tearing up at the finish product i looked at myself and quickly put my hat on left. I didnt want to look at myself in the mirror longer than a second which is not the norm for me I was almost certain I looked like a feminine boy. 
       In the days to come after I was still beautiful the very features that people say are beautiful about me are still the same now my real features are on display for the world to see. Thanks to my friends and ladies I met at the makeup show who began to guide me as to the products I should use and Sam Fine who said girl youre glamorous just put your big earrings on. So I’ve finally embraced my new look but still haven’t found the right products so I’ll take advice below and will update you on the status. So far I’ve used Shea moisture shampoo which is good but the curly concoction (whose name escapes me) leaves my hair looking white. Ugghh! What I thought would be a whole lot easier is not as easy as I thought it would. I’m also thinking of coloring my hair what color should I do? I’m a daredevil if you didn’t know. Thanks for reading beautiful people. 🙂 


        Live, Laugh, Love and Learn

     Miss Merli

2 thoughts on “Going Natural the Journey to the Big Cut

  1. Your gorgeous in whatever you do!!! And I love your TWA (teeny weeny afro!)for help with natural hair try looking at natural hair blogs..go to my blog profile and check out all the blogs i follow i follow many amazing natural hair blogs that have been so helpful and even check my subscription box on youtube i follow awesome natural hair channels too!! also i just started this journey too we can help each other (have u read my natural hair blogs?)

  2. Miss Merli says:

    @Sherry I haven’t really been doing much watching youtube lately so this weekend I’m going to do that and read your previous blogs. Thanks 🙂

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