Hauling that MAC

Hello Beautiful People,

                  Oops I did it again! Originally I went into MAC to purchase just an empty palette to put my extra colors that I had depot-ted but then I made a sad mistake of “browsing” who told me to browse?Who told me to swatch?  Welp like the beauty addict that I am I left with a whole haul worth of stuff check them out below.

The whole kit and caboodle 🙂

Trying out the MAC Opulash
The Mineralize Shadow Duos ( I’m addicted to these things)
Left to right: Pretty & Prim, Safe & Wisdom and Thunder & Rain
Surf, Baby collection Skinsheen Bronzer Stick in Gilty Bronze
It blends well and gives a healthy glow on my skin as if the Sun just kissed me 🙂

Me and my addiction to crayons has turned into having all the shadows of the rainbow. Also from the Surf, Baby collection  (left to right) Swell Baby, Surf Baby, Sun Blonde and Saffron

This just with one swipe the colors are nicely pigmented and great for building color on. Great for beginners and light makeup users

And then there were…. This fabulous pigment set that I decided on because it was just made me so sick like the sea. The sparkle and even better when on they give the illusion of foiled eyeshadow would look like.  (click the link for a how to)
This set is called Surf the Ocean (left to right) Aquamarine, Titanium, Bronze and Graphite

And then I messed around and said oh let me check out some other shadows. What was I thinking I never leave without a full palette. Dang it MAC Dang You!!!! (other four slots for eye shadows I de-potted that was waiting for a home) If you’re interested in the name of the colors left me know I’ll update with the colors soon.

Live, Laugh, Love and Learn

Miss Merli

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