MAC Surf Baby

 After a whirlwind weekend of The Makeup Show being around a host of infamous makeup artists and bloggers whom inspired me beyond inspiration, it was bitter sweet for me to have to return back to work as a semi glamorous youth advocate in the Bronx. I say semi glamourous because while I’m able to express my creativity and personality through my makeup, I’ve been banned from wearing my extravegant earrings because of so called safety….hmm I find that questionable since I’m often not in the field and stuck in the office but I’m slowly challenging that rule posed on me since its not in the manual and policy of the agency whom I won’t reveal just yet. Stay tuned as I fight for the right to express myself in a whole and not partially. Well after work I decided I would get off the train downtown Brooklyn in order to find products for my newly cut natural hair. I went to Ricky’s only to find that the usual suspects might not work for my really coiled coif. At the advice of a sales associate I will be taking my search to You Tube and to the blogs of my natural sisters. After not finding anything and feeling bummed I went to get a cupcake which was not so great at all boo! Ah so would make a girl like me feel better? And then the clouds parted and as I walked towards the MAC on Montague Street in Brooklyn I look to see that there was a crowd of people inside. What? Can this be true? Yes you’ve guessed it a launch event for the Surf Baby Line. I quickly asked if I could join the festivities and they obliged. Yay! So introducing the MAC Surf Baby line debuting on May 26, 2011 but for my readers you’ll get a first look.
Yes I am the human palette. I find putting a lot of colors at once gives you a great idea of how colors will mesh together  the shadow colors are as follows from fist to ankle.  blonde, saffron, swell baby, short shorts, surf usa. The two thinnest lines are Gilded and blue moon.
here are the lipstick colors naturally eccentric, hibiscus, satin mocha, bust out. My favorite is bust out the other three I’m afraid would not work on me but fear not I can see the colors on many.
These lipgloss colors are quite the neutral palette that will glide on well and fit most skin tones
Girl on board, strange potion, krazy kahuna and good lovin. My favorite would be krazy kahuna. Strange Potion is very similar to the Strange Potion that came out with the Disney Villian’s line so skip that if you have it.
Billionaire bronze, tan tint, gilty bronze 
The bronzer sticks, sheer glosses and face powders
And here are the newly introduced MAC stick bronzers debuted with this line. Blended these colors would be great highlighters for some, a way to contour for others, and a lovely way to just had all over great skin color for some. Blends well and looks great. I purchased gilty bronze.

I wasn’t a huge fan of  summer stash colors since I have most of the colors but I must say these pigments are not like MAC’s current pigments the fallout is almost 0% and glides on like a dream. These colors would be great great for highlighting or a great wash of color over the entire lid.
Surf the ocean 

Wow I love Iove I love. While I will admit I have shadows that are similar to these colors, these pigments look almost foiled without having to add water to the mix. You know of course I had to buy this stack of pigments.

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