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Makeup Show 2011 kicked 2010’s behind! It wasn’t just the vendors, or the fact that I met Sam Fine, talked one on one with Koren Zander and Lauren (Queen of Blending). It wasn’t that I was entertained and taught by Reggie Wells ( Essence, and Oprah) No it wasn’t that (but of course all those factors helped. I met some amazing artists and bloggers who inspired me, who rekindled a passion and fire that I thought died because  I allowed everyday life and mundane work to get in the way of my love of creativity and beauty. I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for relighting my fire and need to be successful. Love ya’ll truly and for the many who visit my page I will continue to bring great information, my thoughts as well as great pictures to entertain, give knowledge and satisfy your beauty and fashion palettes. Thank you for sticking with Miss Merli. Below you’ll find my haul from the Makeup Show which I thought was so little bit but my wallet says otherwise. I’ll deal with the after math later. 
Live, Laugh, Love and Learn
Miss Merli 

                         I bought tons of lashes for moi as well as for future clients so I will be set.

How could I not finally invest in my makeup experience and not get dvd from the incomparable Danessa Myricks
And then I got more lashes lol they were on sale what do you want me to do! I purchased these at Nigel’s Emporium 

Eye Kandy Cosmetics (from left to right)
ginger snap, sour grape, ballistic berry, bubble gum, sour blast and confetti
I usually don’t regret purchases but you know what I think I might regret the fact that I bought glitter liner what was I really thinking nevertheless here they are. I think I’ll end up doing a giveaway if that’s okay what do you think?
Summer is coming and it is coming at full force so I have to ensure that I stay beautiful and not shine on my t-zone. 🙂
Why am I smiling so big well kissable couture of course how can you not smile this gloss is amazing. Glides on well and the pigment is amazing. I love the consistency not to sticky and you don’t have to keep reapplying like crazy like some gloss. A must buy Miss Merli approved!
Fantasies (red) and Tyler (plum)
This is why I woke up early in the morning to run and get these Aqua liners which I was able to preview at the event on Thursday and then purchase on Sunday is amazing. The consistency as well as the applicator kicks but and the colors are lovely pigmented with staying power that will make any artist very happy.

Now I understand why all this time Queen of Blending was obsessing over this lip tar. The staying power, the pigment, and the formula. So good so awesome. I purchased just one for now I will get more in the near future. I have on Stalker and prior warning a little goes a long way and make sure to have powder. 
OMG thanks to Jay  an amazing artist from Miami, Florida he said Girl you didn’t see these blushes! I’m like no he said just try em… OMG like butter and pigment Bam! Best of all $5 dollas! (yup I said it and I spelled dollars like that on purpose) Well you know your girl had to go get it. 🙂 Thanks Jay
 Fira (mango), Myracle (Hot Pink), Neolita (red berry), and Natura (neutral)
The pinks are very close in color but I’ll be sure to do a look with all the colors soon.
This is also Kevyn Aucoin Palette #5 I purchased but decided I didn’t need so I gave it away. Beautiful colors. In looking online for the same palette I see they go for $55 oh honey I paid $15 🙂

 Kevyn Aucoin Palette#6

Oh Stila oh how I love you and can’t get enough of you. The great people at Stila are always treating me real good. A special thank you to Dominick and Lyle for their help at their crazy busy booth.

 Let me tell you this is one swipe and is dry. You can control how bright or light you want your look. (Going Green)


The following colors on my hand are as follows Pigalle (burgundy), Mimosa (orange), 14kt (yellow gold),  Jade (green) and Azure (blue)
The colors which are below those colors are part of a Stila Trio shadow called Goddess (similar to Rocker above)  it’s bronze, gold and a very light color.
And last but not least the make up player from Stila I love it. It’s going to be the way I travel with my makeup when I go away on personal trips. And daily looks. 🙂 Yay.

I also purchased this natural makeup remover which took off those great aqua liners which is why I bought this since I was wear lot of waterproof mascara and don’t want to create any lines on my eyes from rubbing a lot. This works great. rms beauty raw coconut cream

I also found out this miracle cream as I have dubbed it can be used as hair treatment and skin balm. World I think we have a great item on our hands.

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5 thoughts on “Makeup Show Haul

  1. LOL!!! girllll we got the same product I was so happy when I saw RMS had the raw coconut cream and yes it is edible (i tried a bit lol!) and Im so mad! I wanted the kissable couture lipglosses!!! I need s few! Also dont give up on the eye kandy glitters!! there is so much you can do! Ill be sure to do a post on some amazing uses! or check out my YT video (pink glitter lips!) hint hint! Luv ya! great post!!

  2. T.Davis says:

    Ugh My post didnt save so im posting again. After reading your post and other blogger’s post I really regret not purchasing 2 day tickets. I did last year but this year money was tight and I already budgeted enough money to get the items I needed for my kit. I really would of loved to have gotten dannessa Myricks contour dvd. Its pricey on amazon, as well as the lashes from nigels emporium, the kisses lashes didnt do it for me. Next year I definitely will do both days. BTW you are killin that red lip!!!

  3. Miss Merli says:

    @Sherry I know we were together most of the time and you also helped me to stick with what I need (I actually don’t need much) but you know what I mean.
    @T. Davis girl I wanted to do one day but realized that there is just so much to experience that it becomes an investment in networking and just wisdom. And thank you I’m now becoming comfortable with the red lip surprisingly.

  4. Chelsey says:

    OMG those eyelashes are fabulous!

  5. Mz More says:

    Awesome haul. OMG lash heaven lol! It was so nice meeting you. Hope to see you around again 🙂

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