The Makeup Show All Weekend Long

What a time I had at The Makeup Show in NYC this weekend. I met the most wonderful, welcoming, and thoughtful people I have ever met in quite a long time. It all started when on a whim and with a change of plans I went to the Make Up For Ever launch party on Thursday and had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Ms. Sherry Blossom  and This Fancy Face ( Sherry and Fancy) . So sweet and lovely they were we instantly started talking that sweet language makeup and success. As result of the conversation I found out about an event that was taking place in Harlem with the legendary Sam Fine I was elated! I had such a great time. I met with other amazing artists and bloggers including San Tara whom I adore and look up to and another beautiful and stylist woman Ms. Danielle  whose fashion sense is amayzing (yes I spelled it with a Y). Unfortunately that night I didn’t have my camera but I took a few photos with my camera phone but check out Ms. Sherry Blossom  and San Tara for some pictures of that night. Here is the most important photo of the night though.

Miss Merli with Sam Fine before the big chop

Anywho the weekend went on and on Saturday I decided to do the unthinkable… Go Natural. Can I tell you while I felt liberated I wanted to cry but like a soldier I let the barber do his job who by the way did a great job check Rob out at Sol in Brooklyn  Here is a photo of the mayhem

 My hair on the floor

 More hair on the floor

  My face after the process… 🙂 Smile Merli

Then there was Sunday the first day of the Makeup Show. Of course this year was bigger and better. More floors utilized this time around new vendors like Nars (even though they didn’t have anything for sale) and Yves Saint Laurent. Then there were the usual suspects Crown Brush, Make Up For Ever, Alcone, and Inglot just to name a few. So many vendors were there it was almost like a dream but I learned from last years credit card catastrophe you try hard to only buy what you need or don’t have at all rather than to buy because it’s dirt cheap which in some cases was the case. Here are photos of the good times had by me and amazing artists whom I met. As well as some of the vendors and the products that were being shown. Stay tuned for my Makeup Show haul.

Getting body painted at Mehron

Crown Brush in full effect

More Mehron

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics pigments

Lip Tars are amazing
In look who I found Queen of Blending

Miss Merli and the Queen of Blending 

This Fancy Face and The Queen of Blending
Sherry Blossom and the Queen of Blending
Fancy’s nails I loved them sue me
Pose for the camera now Sherry
Press Holla!

The artistic Dex of Dex New York


Love this ring it’s beautiful

The new matte inglot palette just wonderful
The neutral matte inglot palette
I want the red one

Lashes at Inglot

The following pictures were taken by Sherry Blossom so that I could get comfortable with posing without my hair so all face all the time. What are hard job but I am up for the task. 🙂


Always calm always cool This Fancy Face

I have found my light

I have Stalker on my lip from OCC Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

James Vincent

The amazing Sam Fine of Sam Fine Beauty

Miss Merli and the fabulous Jennifer James (My Shero)
Alcone Drag
originality at its finest  contact Kerline for more information
Makeup Artist necklace lovely message me for direct information 
Kerline is sick with her art 

so busy lines for every vendor
the fierce and the fabulous
Sam Fine’s muse Gina Marie who a beautiful glowing mom to be
Sam Fine signing my DVD again lol 🙂
Here is my after with Sam Fine thank you so much for being who you are
Fabulous and the beautiful
Love the face and the tie!
Sherry Blossom 
Sherry and Mr. Inglot himself
The sexy guys from Stila
kiss on his neck I love it
Love the decals on her face
Miss Merli and Linda Mason
great face and body decals painless, fast and easy Xotic based in Florida
Next couple of pictures are from a makeup artist competition that was being judged by Danessa Myricks of IMakeYouBeautiful, and Felicia Walker Benson of This That Beauty
With some of my favorite vloggers Koren (Enkore) , Lauren (QueenofBlending), and Elessa (pursebuzz)

OCC Body Painting amazing!

Danessa, Felicia, and Enessa
Sexy Sherry
Sherry and Jay
Kevyn Aucoin blushes fabulous!
These shoes aren’t they fab
The incomparable Reggie Wells (Oprah’s long time makeup artist, 100 some odd Essence covers) He is amazing, brutally honest, and funny. What a great teacher he is. Check out his genius Hissy fit makeup line. It is amazing and there is nothing like it that exists.
Love it Art by Graftobian
Art by Kryolan
Art by Graftobian Cheetah!
More art by Kryolan
up close and real personal
Almost stuck my eyes out lol but I love it!
More Kevyn Aucoin products
Whoa nelly now that’s art in your face

3 thoughts on “The Makeup Show All Weekend Long

  1. T.Davis says:

    Girl you look so good with the short cut! I so wish I had taken a picture with Mr. Fine! It was so nice to see you again. Are you on twitter?

  2. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh!! Thank you so much for this post! I loved all the pictures! The candid shots had me cracking up! You are such a sweetheart and now we are joined at the hip! MY MUA/beauty blogging BFFs you, I and Ms.FancyFace are like the 3 stooges now! hahah!!! I can’t wait to read more blogs from ya!!!

  3. Miss Merli says:

    @ Tanica thank you so much for the compliment I so appreciate it and I’m’ on twitter follow me @MissMerli and my dear Sherry Blossom it is a pleasure to have met you and yes joined at the hip and the makeup brush I love it!

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