Fashion Night Out in Photos

Hello Beautiful People!
      Still trying to catch my breath from the weekend that started on Thursday with Fashion Night Out. My friend Francis aka Revealing Beaute came up from Georgia and we were on the move getting home no earlier then 2 in the morning every night until Sunday when I gladly bowed out of fashion week festivities. I had an amazing time, met tons of great people and got some great stuff though I’m proud that I didn’t plunge myself into further debt. Here are some photos of all of our fabulous ins and outs of FNO. Also included is a video from DivaDoesMakeup where I make an appearance I’m such a ham! LOL  Enjoy!
She loves, She laughs, She lives & learn
Miss Merli
First stop was Make Up For Ever where we met up with fabulous LQ who did my eyes and where I purchased Mr. James Vincents “Bad Reputation” (Neutral Palette) and Orlando Santiago’s Nocturnal Girl (That’s me 😛 )
Nocturnal Girl by Orlando Santiago
James Vincent’s Bad Reputation
Swatches of Nocturnal Girl
Me and the fabulous LQ of MUFE
Revealing Beaute & LQ of MUFE
Beauty Affair (l-R) Michael Devellis, DivaDoesMakeup aka Lisa, Me, LQ, and Revealing Beaute aka Francis
Fabulous fashion had to take a pic
LQ said she wasn’t ready
now she is! 
Floored by her fashion head to toe fabulosity  Katherine Reel of Reel Makeup
My favorite Diva! Tweet her @DivaDoesMakeup and click the link to view her youtube she’s amazing
Beauty hangs high
Isn’t she lovely not me but LQ tweet her! @LQRocksBeauty check her site out here 
Francis with Kim Gray
The lovely Models
Close up Fierce
Mr. Vincent working his magic
At the Swamped Sephora later on that night
Ms. Solange Knowles get it girl! 
Patricia Fields at the Maybelline FNO Tent
Dancing having a good ole time
Work! she’s showing how sequins are done

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