And It’s Over… Kim and Kris call it Quits!

Hello Beautiful People,
 Ain’t nothing beautiful about people using the sanctity of marriage in order to make money. Is it the case between Kim and Kris? Well it certainly seems that way after 72 days of being married, Kim Kardashian files for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. I guess I’m not pleased because I had hopped that Kim would prove the naysayers wrong and that this would be real but alas even if it was real it wasn’t real enough to work through or save. What happen to the days of for better or worse, till death do us part? We’ve turned the act of getting married into long term dating. People have died in this country for love and now we’ve reduced the act into a monetary gain. I certainly hope this is not what Kim and the Kardashian clan has done here but if its the case, I hope it was worth it.  Good luck Kris we know Kim will be okay.

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