Baby It’s Cold Outside: How You Moisturizing and Cleansing?

Hello Beautiful People,

       Would you believe that October 29th brought us our first snowstorm  of the season… Did the fall autumn leaves even fall yet? Crazy right? Well I thought to myself I have to now go through the process of pulling sweaters, coats, boots and everything warm and “sniff sniff” put the summer clothes away. Even some of my facial routine changes but two things that don’t change for me is my Amande Pomme Compote Exfoliante Sweet Peel (FacialScrub) and Pure Shea Butter by L’ Occitane, which just happens to be from my favorite place in the world France! I first discovered both items while studying abroad and made my stop in Paris. I walked into L’Occitane En Provence after being diagnosed with Eczema which is triggered by the sun and had to fully revaluate my beauty routine. I told the sales person what I needed and without hesitation she pulled the Shea Butter, which was amazing! Not only would it be good for my skin but it began targeting the rough spots on my body like my elbows, feet, and knees. She also said that I could use it on my face where I had been burned (Hyères sun wreaked havoc on me). She also show me the facial scrub and I was in love with the smell, the texture as well as how it made my face feel after using it. I hated so many other scrubs because either they were too harsh, or two creamy and left my skin feeling dirty and greasy still. With the Sweet Peel I get so many great benefits, from anti-aging skincare, tightened pores and the smell is simply yummy. (I love great smelling things What!). So now as we change seasons I reminisce on the wonderful Provencal Summer of 2008 and my silky skin thanks to these two amazing pieces in my beauty regime. Trust me if you have any skin ailments like I do or have sensitive skin this is what you need in your life.

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