GETTING TO HEALTHY… 189 Has never felt so good!

Hello Beautiful People,

Chantal and I. Top Armani Exchange Spr 2011. Lips Ruby Woo

        Just got back from Miami last week where I was whining up my waist to the drums and sounds of the Caribbean’s best soca and reggae tunes. I had such an amazing time with my best friend Chantal @LilBitNSum and other new found friends. Sometimes I forgot to eat whenever I got  a chance I slept on car rides just so I can get a refresher and continue dressing up and going out with my crazed group on friends. I’m happy to report that I’ve almost broken my mid-night cravings of sweets and I’ve been drinking loads of water. My moderations have gotten smaller and I’ve been cooking up a storm which means I’ve been eating less outside.  Chantal was also a great support and continues to be my biggest loser helper so thank you girl! While I’ve been seeing some fabulous clothing in stores I’ve refrained from purchasing anything not like I need anything else but you know a fashionista never has enough. In terms of physical activity on my vacation I did a whole lot of dancing but since I’ve been back I haven’t really done much… 🙁 I’m working on it. I don’t want to do the gym thing since I never keep up with it and it ends up being a big waste of money. I’ll continue working on that and keep you updated as to what I find that finally sticks. Here are some pics from Miami carnival I can’t wait till next year… I’m finally going to play mass Woo Hoo!

Lace top from Bebe Spr 2010, Skirt from Express Fall 2011, Stripe Clutch Coach 2009


My friend Mark and I in a forever 21 top Fall 2011, Leggings from Bebe Spr 2010, Necklace H&M Summer 2011


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