Getting to Healthy… No Loss. Why?

Hello Beautiful People,
 It does sadden me to report that the new week has brought about no loss but I’m not surprised a somewhat stressful week at work, some financial struggles did not help in the eating department. I’ve been also very tired as well as sick physically,

Kirk feeling great after advising me
 what to eat 🙂 at South West NY
Almost good but only if I didn’t add the
extra starch but it was so good

so while my mind was still on my goal, I didn’t do a lot of pushing to get any results. My thought if I could just get through this week without gaining any weight that would be great. While I’m a little disappointed in myself I won’t let this deter me from continuing on, my friends continue to help me in making better decisions and I’m so blessed and grateful to have them in my life. One friend that helped me just in menu ordering at SouthWest NY in Battery Park City, was my dear friend Kirk who after I ordered fish tacos gave me this look and said is that what you really want. I said ok I’ll let you order for me then… I ended up with a fabulous goat cheese, arugula, beets and salmon salad. It was amazing! Sometimes a nudge in the right direction is the best support you can get.

I decided for more support I’d join Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation Million Dollar You where I filled out a survey and was dubbed “Fairly Healthy Lifestyle” Here is what that means….

Lots of Opportunity Ahead!

Merli, you clearly make an effort to live a healthy lifestyle, but it looks like there are some habits you haven’t been able to beat. That’s ok! When it comes to healthy habits, you have a solid foundation to build on, and it IS possible to improve, regardless of what you’ve tried in the past. You can start fresh.
The first step is to believe it. You can improve. You can reach your goals. Take the time to contemplate why you want to change and commit to your decision, to avoid jumping in before you’re ready. Research shows that people who say they believe they can achieve their goal are much more likely to be successful.
Another trick to success is to work on only one or two topics at a time. Taking on more could be overwhelming and cause you to fall short on all your goals.

Your Weight Watchers Verified Initial Weight is 189, and your Body Mass Index is 33.5, which puts you in the above normal weight range for your height.
Make sure you lose 10 % of the body weight or become in the normal range of BMI for the next official date between April 2 and 9.
Alright guys until next week… Gotta get moving!  Gotta get that million dollar body and a chance to win a million dollars. Join me 🙂 DREAMING! and thank you for the support everyone. 

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