Beauty Review: Nail Fraud polish strips

Hi Beautiful People,

As the year 2011 comes to a close it brings me great happiness to share one more beauty review with you, certainly it won’t be the last. My promise is to bring you bigger and better posts next year I can’t wait and in advance and as always thank you for reading, subscribing and commenting your continued support is amazing. Now unto the review. Well… the video that I recorded speaks for itself, sadly Nail Fraud decals while cute doesn’t have the staying power that I thought it would. I’m well aware that it is quite possible that I didn’t do it right or there was a product malfunction but for now I’ll have to give Nail Fraud a 0. The beautiful polish strips didn’t last a whole 24 hours, I hadn’t even washed a sink full of dishes nor had I used any substantial moisturizer. Maybe someone has a tip that I can use to make it last longer than a day… not sure but while I love shopping I hate wasting money. I will try the other decals and bring another review to you, I believe in second chances. Have you tried Nail Fraud? Let me know how long it lasted for you.

Live, laugh, X &O’s

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