Indique Sample Sale: Recap

Hello Beautiful People,

The beautiful Ericka Dotson do you see that hair Gorg!!!

       I know what you’re thinking already, what is a natural hair beauty like me doing at a sample sale for hair? Well I was there to of course get to know the brand a little better find out what all this buzz is about when it comes to co- founder Ericka Dotson and her Indique line. First and foremost the hair is the highest quality I’ve seen in a long time from any hair company, the color range, and the million styles you can create with the hair is so endless. Did I also mention that they have this wonderful Organic curl that you can’t tell the difference of real or fake because the texture is so beautiful, full, and curly like our own natural hair sistas! I am in LOVE! Many celebs like Angela Simmons, Necole Bitchie, and yes Lady Gaga already know the magic. I on the other hand was never a fan of weaves because I’ve felt like its so much maintenance, often times the hair sheds so much and lets just be honest so many say they can do a weave but quite honestly cant. The result thousands of women walking around NYC alone with their tracks showing, looking a hot mess, acting like their natural hair matches that virgin remi that you put on your head. Nope it doesn’t. (sorry about the rant)  But thankfully Indique has gotten that match down to the science now so ladies please go get that fixed. I knew there had to be something about Indique, when I had to join a line of women who came out in droves to stand out in the cold and the rain, I was crafty and decided to eat at Rice the restaurant next door and went an hour later.  Fellow blogger Danielle of The Style and Beauty Doctor was the host of this event and recently added to her hair, Natural Roots which looks Aaaamazing on her. You would never know that YES she is still natural but can still rock permed looking hair like nobodies business. I was also mesmerized by Krista who rocked Pure Wavy and Gabrielle who rocked Pure Straight like nobody’s business! Then there was the lovely and strikingly beautiful Ericka Dotson whose hair was so beautiful and natural looking that I had to ask is that your hair? She said nope this is hair she was testing to launch in 2012 ladies, if you’re natural like me or even want to try out the look this kinky hair is nothing like you’ve seen before and the color… Baby she was working it out! So it looks like I’ll be trying out Indique in 2012 or maybe sooner we’ll see… until then take a gander at some of the photos that I took.

Organic curl did I mention you can blow this sucker at straight No JOKE!
Carmen of LipstickFashionMascara checking the texture so BEAUTIFUL
Wherever in NYC makeup and hair is the subject you’ll find Miss Merli
Wavy Hair 
Danielle Natural Roots and Gabrielle Pure Straight
Long time customer and stylist with Gabrielle
Danielle answering questions
The Peacock Lounge where beauty is enhanced and Indique’d!
 Denise @niecymarie just got her face beat! Beautiful 
The process of the beating love it!
The finished product Glamour!

 I am loving their campaign with Monifa C. whom if you don’t know is a line for the curvy and the beautiful

2 Comments on Indique Sample Sale: Recap

  1. Danielle
    December 11, 2011 at 6:58 AM (8 years ago)

    Great recap! Thanks for coming 🙂

  2. Miss Merli
    December 12, 2011 at 6:25 AM (8 years ago)

    Thanks Dani and you’re a super fabulous host


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