Spring Makeup Trends 2012

 Happy New Year Beautiful People!
      On one of the coldest days since the year has started I can’t help but to look forward to the Spring (my birthday month *wink*) but also the wonderful weather and not wearing these bulky clothes. I love spring for the multitude of colors and platera of fashion choices you can make. While I don’t necessarily retire my spring makeup colors I find myself keeping it simple in the winter more so because I struggle to get myself out of bed on those blistering cold mornings. So as I wait for better weather I ready myself by reading magazines, browsing my fave blogs and websites and planning my fashion spring palette. 
           Doll Lashes
               (source http://katyperrypictures.blogspot.com/) 
What’s on trend? Some are oldies but goodies Red Lips in all arrays are making a splash again in the spring with no end in sight this indeed is one of my fave trends. Cat Eyes take a modern turn with pops of color winging out further than ever and doubling up in lines. Brows make a come back and Jennifer James  was certainly spot on in 2011 when she said there would be a revival of power brows, say bye bye to thin non existent brows, and hello there to brows that you can see. While you’re color blocking this Spring don’t forget to add a Pop of Color to your face. Where? You can be the judge of that. Sporty Cheeks is the look that mimics the sun kissing them so make them pop with your face bronzer or blush that glistens. Doll Lashes one trend I’m loving all year round is adding volume and length to bottom and top lashes which opens up your eyes, usual culprits Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry. Ah yes Glittery Eyes will be making its appearance and while I’m leery about this look for the everyday will certainly be beautiful on special occasions I would rock this look as a liner or very sparingly for a day look. Rosebud Lips nice and simple a wash of color on the lips that gives them life and a wash of color, a great everyday look punch it up with a wonderful cat eye. The Smokey Eye gets smoked out and extreme which is fine by me go light in the day and smoke it out crazy by night. Last trend is Baby Skin yup taking it back that beautiful dewy look, no fuss, just allowing your beauty to shine through one of my fave every day looks. I will certainly give personal examples of how I plan to incorporate these looks to my personal routine and some of the products that I will use so look out for that. In the meantime here are some examples off the runway and celebs who already sport the trends.  Until then stay warm beautiful people.

Cat Eyes (source Harpers Bazarr)
Power Brows (source Harpers Bazarr)
Extreme Smoked Out Eyes (source Harpers Bazarr)
Sporty Cheeks (source Harpers Bazarr)
Rose Buds Lips and Doll Lashes (source Harpers Bazarr)
Glitter Rocking everywhere
Katy POPS with Color right here (source http://katyperrypictures.blogspot.com/)
Taylor Swift nails Red Lips, Sporty Cheeks and Baby Doll Lashes here hands down BEAT!

(source instyle.com)
Baby Skin

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