Dishing with the Delicious Diva: Attitude Shrimp

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    I am happy to announce that the Delicious Diva, Vannell Jones will be sharing her wonderful recipes exclusively with Miss Merli in NYC to keep our tummies satisfied and our bodies looking great. So without further delay Here is the Delicious Diva
So….I originally planned to have this blog be a daily thing, but yeeshy. When I get in my moods, I REALLY get in my moods! I don’t know if its the heat this week, or the onset of a fierce case of PMS, but I seriously almost snapped at least 10 times in the last few days. I just wanted to say F-you to everybody! First, it was the man at the subway who asks me EVERY single day to sign his petition for City Council. I know he is trying to do something good for himself, but I signed the damn petition a month ago! Leave me the F alone. Then, it was the man in the grocery store who didn’t have change and asked me if it was okay for me to pick it up later. Okay? WTF do you mean “is it okay”? HELL NO! It is NOT okay. I don’t hear you saying “take the juice and come pay for it later. F-you. Then, it was the lady who was trying to drink her coffee while walking S L O W L Y down the stairs. Hurry the @%%#% up, or MOVE out of the way! F-you. Then, it was the receptionist at the doctor’s office who had me on the phone for twenty minutes just to make an appoint. Then, I call back later to reschedule only for her to tell me that she “doesn’t have my name in the system”. I didn’t even respond. My mother always told me to keep my mouth shut if I had nothing nice to say. So, I said “thank you very much, have a nice day”. Then I hung up the phone and went to the bathroom to cry. Thank God for tears. Tears keep people from killing other people. I am a firm believer in crying. Receptionist lady. You are an idiot. F-you. Then, it was the girl on the train who was testing out her new weave by flinging it from side to side, and hitting me on the arm in the process. Ummm….excuse me, but I only like to get hit with the best quality human hair. That ain’t it. F-you. Then, it was the security guard who told me the fan I was admiring was on sale for $29.99. Mind you, I didn’t ask him for the price of said fan. Anyway, I liked $29.99, so I lug it all the way to the cashier for her to tell me that it was $79.99. WTFFFFFF. F-you Mr.Security Guard. And mind your damn business! As you can see, I have an attitude. Its been a week so far of me just staying to myself for fear that I will spit my venom at any innocent person who gets too close. Poor Quincy. The only thing that has worked to alleviate some of my anger and frustration is cooking….last night I made Attitude shrimp (no need to explain the name, right?….hopefully, the rest of the week will fly by because I SO need Footprints Friday to be here already….
Attitude Shrimp
1lb of cleaned shrimp
Salt (to taste)
Fresh black pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Red pepper flakes
Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
Worchester Sauce
1/2 an onion, chopped
1 clove of garlic, chopped
4 tablespoons of butter
1 cup of water
1 bundle of asparagus
2 cups of white rice
1 bundle of chives
lemon juice
2 tablespoons of Olive Oil
parmesan cheese
Soak cleaned shrimp in lemon juice and cold water for 20 minutes
Rinse shrimp and season, then place in fridge
In a sautee pan, heat up olive oil. Add chopped onion, garlic, and chives and red pepper flakes. Sautee until onions are soft.
Add shrimp and water. Stir.
Reduce heat to medium and cover.
In another pot, add rice and 4 cups of water along with a 1/4 of onion, a garlic clove, and a teaspoon of butter. Cook on medium for about 20 minutes, or until there is no water left.
Stir shrimp periodically. Reduce heat to low, and allow shrimp to simmer. Add more water if necessary.
In a frying pan, melt 2 tablespoons of butter. Rinse asparagus and add to melted butter. Lower heat and cover pan. Cook until asparagus is soft. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top.
When shrimp is cooked, remove from heat and set aside.
Plate rice and asparagus, then add shrimp and drizzle with sauce.
Serve with a cold glass of wine, put on Mary J. Blige, relax, and enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lmbo! I don’t mean to laugh at your tude issues but this was soo funnny lol…I hope your week, month and year is a lot better lol

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