Featured Diva: The Delicious Diva Vannell Jones

Hello Beautiful People,

      As this month is women’s month I wanted to celebrate some of my favorite women who continually inspire me. You guys know how much I love food so I thought it not robbery to share with you one of my fave cooks who just happens to be my beautiful friend Vannell Jones. Not only is she a fabulous cook but her fashion senses are always tingling too. She makes domestication look so good. Shhh I haven’t asked her but I’d love to document her wedding planning as she goes for the blog…. lets see what she says. Without further delay here is The Delicious Diva

The Delicious Diva is all about cooking because I LOVE food! A huge part of my love for cooking also has to do with the coming together and sharing of thoughts, feelings, stories, and ideas that breaking bread together can inspire. My blog is all about sharing these stories and my passion for cooking through original recipes from my culture and others! I hope you enjoy!

1 thought on “Featured Diva: The Delicious Diva Vannell Jones

  1. I think Vannell is an amazing cook! I love reading her blog. She always has good stories to share.

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