Monica & Brandy: Fashion & Beauty

Hi Beautiful People,
     If you’re like me you’ve been waiting patiently for your favorite female R&B duo Brandy and Monica, to do another collaboration, like the one that garnered them their first grammy together for “The Boy is Mine” back in the 90’s. Wow have we all aged. Marriages and babies later the ladies come back and hit us with “It All Belongs to Me” a song that talks about how a lot of us successful women who like to show our love by taking care of our men need to stop essentially and forget about no givsy backsies it all belongs to me. Many independent women can relate to this sentiment and I must say the wardrobe styling and the makeup on set is quite beautiful. Kudos to Monica and Brandy who continue to be a shining example that there is room for both talents and continue to support each other on the scene.
More solidarity should be shown similar Rihanna and Chris Brown who have shown that yes people make some crazy mistakes but everyone is entitled to forgiveness. Cake, Cake Cake, Cake! Love it!

Here are both videos “The Boy is Mine” as well as “It All Belongs to Me”

MonicaIt All Belongs To MeIt All Belongs To Me

Here are some of my fave make up looks from the two ladies 

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