Hello Beautiful People,

     In an effort to broaden our makeup knowledge of other brands other than the normal conglomerates I take to make up trade shows where you’ll often find small brands, new ones, and ones that aren’t often talked about because they are really just used by pros. One brand that I learned about at IMATS was Gorgeous Cosmetics, created by David McConnell an Australian born make up artist by the time he was twenty years of age. In an effort to create luxury cosmetics for the celebrities and models while also catering to the everyday woman. Along with a large range of colors Gorgeous Cosmetics also offers a vast variety of services including: makeovers, wedding day services,  makeup classes for the everyday woman and classes for students as well. Currently the brand is only available in stores overseas and online making appearances at make up trade shows like IMATS. Emmy award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett says It’s a nicely done line with good quality and a smart collection of products. I think it has great consumer appeal, but will definitely resonate with pros.” So next time you see them make sure to check them out. Unfortunately I didn’t purchase any in an effort to be good but next time Gorgeous Cosmetics next time. In the mean time check out the site, like them on Facebook, follow on twitter and check them out on YouTube.

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