Gabrielle’s Prom Look

Hey Beautiful People,

    Let’s get right into it. As always with any special day no matter how organized or how much time there is somehow or another I’m always left with little time to do my job as an artist but what many don’t know is that I’m so good under pressure and work great that way. Any who I worked on Gabrielle Grubb who is a senior in high school graduating and going on to Old Westbury… Yay Gabby! Here is her before…

And here is her after shot…..
Items used:
RCMA Foundation Palettes
Revlon 3D Mascara
MAC Cosmetics 
Armour Beauty

2 thoughts on “Gabrielle’s Prom Look

  1. T.Davis says:

    She looks amazing! Great job!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where from did you get your brush roll?

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