The Recap: The Makeup Show NYC 2012

Hello Beautiful People,
            What a time was had at the NYC Makeup Show this year. Jam-packed with people James Vincent has managed to make what was already big even Bigger! Lots of great workshops and panels that you had to be present for 20-30 minutes in advance people sat on the floor and stood to hear the likes of Crystal Wright, Micheal DeVellis, Maurice Stein, Lianne Farbes, Ricky Wilson, Sherry Blossom, Victoria Stiles, Jennifer James, Johnny Lavoy and countless others who have made a stamp on the beauty community.  There were also lots of amazing vendors giving great discounts but there was special attention paid to the education aspect which was on front street and people took advantage of that. Of course you know like every year I hauled some things not as much as the first time but some real goodies like me pre-ordering the glamcor lights that you’ll see below. So excited for that my video picture and vibrancy will be that much better as result so thank you Erik for creating this beauty. Check out the photos below.

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