Things that Make Me Go Oh La La: May 7-11 2012

Hello Beautiful People,

       What a week it has been for me… I say that and it sounds as if I had the most exciting one ever but nope quite the contrary its been a constant test where it seemed as if I was failing. Food poisoning and struggles at work turned into a trip to the hospital because of course I wasn’t taking care of myself and just breathing. Sometimes we take for granted that we aren’t immortal and need to slow down but also ensure that all times that we are checking ourselves to ensure excellence and integrity in all that we do. Lesson learned. Welp I will not further bore you with my life lessons lets see what caught my eyes this week.

i had to buy this bad boy its beautiful exclusively at NARS NYC
Blue mascara and liner I love color
So beautiful out of this months Essence mag
My new mantra
Rock Star Party do I have the look?
Check out the curl definition thanks to Hair Rules
Natural look
Got a facial this week at VMV Hypoallergenics Spa in NYC it was excellent!  
My new love affair Vapiano they make the pasta in front of you and you create the combination genius!
Cindy Rodriguez and friend at the Nars Boutique
Another beautiful color name escapes me exclusive to the Nars NYC boutique
Swatching my heart away at the Nars Boutique
Koliary @ Nars Boutique in NYC
Croque Monsiuer at Dublin NYC

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