Welcome back Beyonce!

Happy Memorial Weekend Beautiful People, What do I love about this weekend other than the fact that it’s a long weekend and I get to spend time with family. I love the events that take place and this time around after taking a forced hiatus to have a baby Blue Ivy, Beyonce is getting “Back to Business” with her first concert since giving birth only 4 months ago. This woman is fierce, although she says Sasha is dead I beg to differ, oh no she is very much alive and doing it big this time around at Revel in Atlantic City. Are you going to see her perform? Wish I could but not this time around I’ll certainly be paying Beyonce a vist when she does a concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Yup cause you know Jay wouldn’t have it any other way… Period.

Beyonce is back and looking fierce as ever who does the leotards and sparkly costumes like you B? Nobody! Love those pink shoes hun they look comfy

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