Summertime Skin Care Tips

With Summertime fun around the corner, I am jumping for joy but I’m also dreading the sun triggered eczema that I suffer from. So this entire winter I looked for dermatologist approved products that will calm the inflammation and even keep it from getting worse.  Dermatologist, Dr. Naila Malik has some great tips for all skin types to keep in mind for curing sun burns and giving skin some much needed relief like I will need in a few weeks. Here they are:
·         Cool the affected skin—wash with cool water, apply cool compress, use of skin products with cooling effects such as aloe and menthol may speed up healing.
·         Moisturize the affected skin—avoid all products with alcohol, artificial fragrances, colors, or parabens. Even us Vitamin E oil directly from the vitamin capsule to help prevent scaring
·         Vitamin C and sunburns—your intake of natural vitamin C, like fresh citrus, can reduce the severity of sunburns and improve healing.
·         Keep yourself hydrated—hydration helps with a speedy recovery
So, what’s one perfect product to seriously help—Naila MD CALM Cleansing Gelee ($29.95,, a gentle, non-drying deep cleanser with algae extract to firm, invigorate and add moisture to the skin. Paraben, artificial color and fragrance free this gelee will give a cooling affect and emulsify and protect skin.
Yea I know what you’re saying what about my bath and body works products well if you have a sensitive skin keep that stuff to a minimum and invest in your skins health.

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  1. defooryessenia42
    June 25, 2012 at 7:18 AM (7 years ago)

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