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Fresh has announced that they will be launching  The Fresh Beauty Cleanse, which will feature it’s best-selling Soy Face Cleanser. The are all about a freshly cleansed face so next week on the 25th and 26th they will be giving away (Yes I said GIVE) an exclusive Fresh Beauty Cleanse Kit that includes the beloved cleanser, BluePrintCleanse Spicy Lemonade, and a card for a free mini Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy (redeemable at Fresh stores) in a stylish Fresh tote on the streets of NYC. YAY!!! 

I’m always talking about taking care of your skin but more so we have to learn to take care of our insides, it’s true what they say what goes in must come out… that doesn’t just mean one thing. Since beautiful skin also comes from within, Fresh has invited BluePrint, the original juice company and creators of the famed BluePrintCleanse, to help renew and refresh. 
The Fresh Beauty Cleanse kicks-off on July 25th and 26th with a truck stationed in Union Square & Soho. Fresh specialists will demo the benefits of Soy Face Cleanser, a gentle gel formula that removes impurities and makeup without stripping the skin of essential moisture, while serving BluePrint’s signature Spicy Lemonade. Ladies and Gentleman you can’t miss this! 
 Fresh is asking its Facebook fans to share what they are cleansing from and upload a photo that represents it for a chance to win a $1,000 Fresh shopping spree. The Fresh Beauty Cleanse Contest runs from July 25nd to August 8th. Fans can submit a new entry every day, and the person whose entry generates the most “likes” WINS. 
Follow Fresh on Twitter @FreshFounder and on Facebook at for updates on the Fresh Beauty Cleanse truck, Facebook Contest, and other campaign news.

I’ll be in Union Square on Wednesday who else is coming out? I’ll be taking lots of pics leave me a message in the comments if you’re coming so I can find you.

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  1. Beauty By LeRenda
    July 24, 2012 at 7:29 AM (8 years ago)

    I received small sizes of tinted lip balm from fresh for my birthday from Sephora. I haven’t used them yet because I have other products that I’m still trying to finish. Glad to read your review. The only downside I noticed was the fragrance. I’m not a fan of fragrances being in my cosmetics unless it’s the body.


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