Has Chris Brown Gone Too Far?

Remember when Chris was just so scrumptious singing and dancing what happen? Life has happen and everybody seems to think that Chris Brown is still hated for the malicious beating that he gave Rihanna years ago. Quite the contrary it is a shared belief that its been his erratic behavior after that which keeps people wondering is this dude crazy? His latest and what I believe most damaging to his already rollercoaster career is the tattoo of a battered woman on this neck. What was he really thinking? Its bad enough that people have equated that ink with Rihanna because of the physical similarities but his mom was also a victim of physical abuse. So do we as a society think this is ok or  just another form of expression? Or does Chris Brown in need of some deeper help? Share your thoughts here.

Photo from LoveBScott.Com
This is the inspiration for his tattoo

Rihanna and Chris Brown concert, Brisbane Ente...
Rihanna and Chris Brown concert, Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Chris Brown

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