Movies On The First Date Really?

I know what you’re saying what’s wrong with that at least you’re going out. Welp call me modern and not old fashion but I’m inclined to believe that if you want to start a dating journey on the wrong path take me to the movies. Well how do you get to know someone while you’re watching a huge screen where you cannot have any sort of conversation without being condemned by the crowd? ¬†How do you keep a safe distance from your suitor if you don’t particularly know how to feel about them, you can’t skip a seat that would be rude right? Darkness, being close to a stranger in my opinion is just recipe for a disaster. So how do we divert this catastrophe? Be honest. Hey ______ I know you put a lot of thought into our first date to see _______ but I think we’d enjoy each others company better if we could go somewhere that we can conversate and have a good time. (Note to self I must take my own advice)

Dilemna on the first date

So what was your worst first date? Leave a comment below

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3 thoughts on “Movies On The First Date Really?

  1. Mai Musings says:

    I agree, movies are the worst on a 1st, 2nd and maybe even the 3rd date. There are so many different things to do besides dinner, so there’s no excuse. I think movies are an easy no brainer/lazy date. My worst date was a karaoke lounge. I told him that I didn’t like karaoke and he still took me there and after the torture offered to take me to KFC. Umm wtf, I don’t eat that crap on my own dime I definitely wouldn’t let a date take me there. Then he asked if I wanted to grab a Redbox movie to watch at his house. More wtfs. First & last date.

    1. Miss Merli says:

      Mai OMGEE thankfully I was let off the hook but clearly someone is not teaching these men dating protocol. I mean KFC as an option is never ok!

  2. Helen says:

    I prefer to go somewhere quiet for a drink to get to know who I am with rather than a movie. It’s personal preference though and I guess the success of the date may also depend on the movie you choose as everyones tastes are different.

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