Get Superstyled by Hair Room Service

As if your fashion week senses weren’t on full from all the fabulous Spring 2013 fricks and frocks that presented and sashayed down the runway. Now you can see unsuspected ladies be glamoured up by some of the most sought after hair, nail and makeup artists in the world.

James Vincent doing what he always do so magnificently

SuperStyled is a mobile makeover show all about taking whoever you are, wherever you are, and turning you into a superstar, as celeb glam squad Hair Room Service performs ultimate beauty transformations on everyday women. I was able to stop by the HRS Beauty bus and was blown away by the talent as well as the beauty goods used to make everything possible. Shout out to NYX Cosmetics, Color Club, and  OSIS who were also stars of the show.

English: Kate Bosworth at the Deauville film f...

English: Kate Bosworth at the Deauville film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For the  NYFW Beauty Bus edition, the stars of the show are  Michael Dueñas (hairstylist),  my mentor in my head James Vincent  spanking faces with makeup and Honey on the manicure tip. Parked outside of  Lincoln Center and picking up one unsuspecting fashionista.  The super star glam squad recreates Kate Bosworth’s front row look from Burberry’s Fall 2012 runway show—not just the lips or the hair but the entire kit and kaboodle even an outfit from Burberry. What!? Where was I? Definitely look out for Hair Room Service all over NYC making your glam dreams come true.

P.S. Honey nails are sick in this video!


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