Shining For Jesus Through Beauty

How exactly can you shine for Jesus through beauty? That is something that I’ve given great thought to and said there are multiple ways but one easy way to do so is by expressing yourself with your nails! Yup I love nail design and you can do so much on your nails to show your allegiance to various things, people and places in your life. This nail design was quite simple 1. Orly Bonder my base coat 2. Two coats of Dior varnes in Bond Street 3. Draw your cross using Jordana Pop Art nail design 4. Follow the design up with small stones in a color to contrast the base nail polish color ( I used hot pink) 5. Finally a nice coat of Sally Hansen Top Coat and Revlon Liquid Quick Dry for insurance. 6. Let it dry and Voila

“Rock out your beauty and represent who you are and what you believe at all times.”

–Miss Merli 

Tell me what you show through your beauty in the comments for your chance to win a Nail polish gift set.

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1 thought on “Shining For Jesus Through Beauty

  1. Polarbelle says:

    Besides generally trying to take care of myself and look as decent as I can, I smile a lot and make as much eye contact as possible so that people know that I find them worth listening to. That’s how I try to shine for Jesus.

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