Will the New Nicki Minaj Please Stand Up!

New Year 2013 and someone seems to have toned down their crazy costume antics at least for now. Nicki Minaj has been spotted at various events around town and dressing dare I say ” Normal” Her classic blond hair and snatched face is still in effect but she has seemed to tone down her look… maybe for the better. Personally I love the new looks still very Nicki-esque but ¬†fashionable where someone can flip through a magazine and say I’m inspired and would love to even mimic it.

Nicki Minaj new look
courtesy of billboard.com

I would love for her wig game to get better though in recent photos the lace front has been rearing its ugly head more and more, Terrence Davidson has left the creative team which is so apparent. Need a new hairstylist I’d call Hadiiya Barbel¬†she doesn’t make wigs she makes crowns for the likes of Wendy Williams, Mya, Eva Marcille, and Ashanti to name a few. I think she’s perfect for the role, what do you think?

Hadiiya Barbel


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