Tyson decides for me which Trojan Lubricant is the Best

“It’s funny how much I think about you. Fantasize about the hands, that molded a mound of lust that resides in me. Loosely I have thoughts that require your presence your touch.”

That’s what I told my ex Tyson as he entered to my apartment the other day. All of a sudden a year to the day of our crazy break up he shows up at my door step, flowers in hand and his smile. That smile that almost always mirrored the one on my face, with his deep voice he said “hey Miss Merli I’ve missed you a whole lot”.  As if my smile was the key to enter, he stepped to my living room and hugged me giving his signature kiss on the neck that always sent shivers down my spine. In my mind I said I hate this guy but my body said otherwise.


Tyson sat down on my purple couch partaking of the wine and appetizers that I set out for him (I’m such a domestic diva) and looked over on the floor at a silver gift box, “What is that?” he said.2013-03-04 16.09.31

“It’s just a package I received from a company to talk about on the blog,” without hesitation he opened it and saw that there were three different lubricants from Trojan. I was instantly frazzed as he read off, “Continous Silkiness, Arouses & Intensifies, and Tingly Warmth, so how exactly are you going to review this Miss Merli?”

2013-03-04 16.11.33

Flustered by his discovery and even more embarrassed by his question I tried to grab for the box, ” I was just going to give it away on my blog since I have no use for it”.  Tyson who towered over me grabbed me and said “well if you want I can help you review it.” Before I could answer he kissed me deeply, in a daze I had decided this celibacy thing will have to take a back seat I needed this.

Tyson grabbed the Arouses & Intensifies bottle and mixed it with the Tingly warmth bottle in his big hands. “Ummm so how exactly will I be able to reveiew if you’re mixing them?” He smiled and said “Don’t worry I’ll know exactly what’s happening.” My Asos  skater dress that I had on quickly flew up as he raised my legs from the ground and as he put his hand on my inner folds, I woke up.

Whoa! What a dream! A really good one, too bad I couldn’t finish it but maybe you guys can enjoy for me. Trojan kindly is hosting a giveaway on my blog for one lucky winner. Trust me you’ll love these lubricants. Enter below.

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If you’d like for me to expand on the Tyson chronicles let me know in the comments below and what lubricant you’d love to try.


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