Bzz Agent Review: Playtex Secrets® Balconette bra

Don’t you hate when you see an amazing looking bra but alas it just doesn’t fit well? That was the case here with the new Playtex Secrets Balconette bra that I received from BzzAgent (Thanks guys!)  At first sight, here were my first thoughts about the bra.


Playtex Balconet Bra

Playtex Balconet Bra



  • Amazing full cups enough that your breasts wouldn’t runneth over,
  • Enough lining so that your headlights stay covered, and
  • Thick enough straps that you’d feel supported at all times.

Then I put it on and  reality hit me in a not so good way, it just didn’t fit right. Here is what happen.


  • The bra didn’t lay flat in the middle about 1/2 an inch off
  • It kept riding up the entire time. It was so bad that other people noticed how uncomfortable I was and said that bra isn’t for you.

Merli says: Unfortunately while the bra seems well made and has promise maybe to hold someone else’s girls in place in a sexy and supportive way, the bra failed to keep my girls and me happy. I say leave it alone.

Grade: C+



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