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How hard is it to be a woman, we are always on the go, super independent, pulled from every which way and always need to be *snap* ON! But there is those couple of days out of the month where you want to crawl under a rock and stay there when your period decides it has to come and wreak havoc in your world. Heating pads, tea, ibuprofen, calling out sick but nothing seems to exactly work well. I believe that I just got so super lucky enough to review what might be the best thing ever created for women, enter the mn8.


What Is It?  A mn8 is a small, powerful, drug free magnetic button, which discreetly attaches to your underwear.  It is totally natural and is an alternative to popping pills, heating pads and calling out from work. mn8 also toots to reducing mood swings, keeping water retention down, bloating, facial spots basically most things that come with your period.

How to Use? So simple you place the large side on the inner part of your underwear and the magnet part on the outside and thats it. You’re ready to go. mn8 says to start using a couple of days before the start personally I used it a day before the Big Day… you know the spotting day before all hell breaks loose.


My Honest Opinion:  I saw this device and was really skeptical and then Flow came and I said hey can’t hurt to try and my mind was blown! For the first time in over sixteen years I was able to go out and actually have fun on day of my menstrual cycle. I had minor naseau but that also was short lived with mn8. 

  • The magnet was strong enough to hold up the device even after several bathroom breaks
  • It’s comfortable you’ll forget that you’re even wearing it
  • You can go through airport security with it on without having to worry about a cavity search

Tenderness was a non-factor and pain forget about it after using mn8 I only know I have my menstrual cycle because I have the physical reminder below.

Cost: $45 Dollars plus S&H

Merli says: Don’t waste any time go get it and tell a friend, I’m a total and utter fan of the mn8 and love it. For more information please check out the mn8 site.


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