5 Beauty Items You Need Right Now

Summer is Here! Finally your girl has been so busy with her new gig as a full time make-up artist which left my little ole blog to suffer but no more! Get ready to be inundated with more Merli in NYC all the time. First up my beauty staples that make my everyday looks at work pack a punch. You’ll be a little surprise who makes the cut but I’ll explain, let’s begin.


1. Fine Finish Pore Minimizing Skin Mattifier

Since this summer sun is packing a wollup my T-Zone is shining brighter than a diamond this baby is controlling that and minimizing my pores all the same time Score!



2. Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Liner

Most of my makeup looks at work and everyday for that matter incorporate a line I need that line to not move for long periods of time and MUFE Aqua liner doesn’t not until I use a great makeup remover. I love how black and with an amazing brush you can achieve any line you want.

2013-06-02 14.50.19

3. Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush

The densely packed shape distributes product incredibly evenly. Skin looks smoother than with sponge application…buffed to a natural, soft-focus finish. The “optical blurring” comes in when you buff out your makeup this brush is magical and gives you that air brushed makeup never touched my face look.


4. Sacha Cosmetics Single Eye Shadow in Matte Brown

Sacha  Cosmetics was introduced to me by my beautiful friend/MakeupArtist Jaleesa Jaikaran who told gave me this shadow and said this is your perfect shadow for your brows, crease and contouring. I put this baby to the test and now I’m totally hooked. My brows have been garnering more compliments and guess what my brows don’t budge until I take it off. The staying power of this powder is something to write home to mama about for sure.

2013-06-09 15.19.05

5. MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Gigablack Lash 

This mascara is just so awesome I’m not sure where to start. Single handly this mascara does everything I need my it to do for me lengthen, volumize, and separate all of my lashes beautifully without leaving them brittle and clumping is a thing of the past. Go get it that’s all I have to say.

2013-06-07 23.19.05


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