Revamping Miss Merli in NYC

Makeup, Makeup and More Makeup! Besides that I’ve been revamping my home as well as my image. Thinking about how I really want to look and the direction in which it is going. Honestly its been at a stand still due to lack of time but isn’t there enough time in a day? There is and I’m looking forward to learning how to maximize my time so that I can share all the amazing things I see, utilize and love in NYC and beyond. When I say I’m a blogger I don’t want to be cliche I want to be that in every sense of the word and so I’m challenging myself to sleepless nights and rewarding days. But what I want to know is what do you want Miss Merli to do more posts about? Reviews, Home DIY, Beauty Breakdowns… Nails (I’ve been working a lot more in the nail arena as well)

Share a comment below and be entered to win a back to business prize pack with Miss Merli’s favorite things.  I can’t wait to unveil the New and improved Miss Merli in NYC… Coming Soon! In the mean time enjoy some photos of what I’ve been up to. 


2013-08-21 12.31.48 2013-08-19 15.11.24 2013-08-19 12.43.09 2013-08-18 15.12.10


2013-08-17 23.03.42


2013-08-17 10.20.25




2013-08-17 01.01.26


2013-08-13 08.49.40


2013-08-10 20.06.05-1 2013-08-08 21.20.37




2013-08-08 14.45.30-1



2013-08-08 13.28.41



2013-08-06 14.03.55



2013-08-06 00.13.29 2013-08-05 21.18.37



2013-08-05 18.48.37



2013-08-05 09.11.19


2013-08-04 20.10.54


2013-08-04 11.16.57


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