3 Reasons I Love Me Some Tamar Braxton

I love she, her, Tamar is fiyah babay! Ever since I got hooked on the hit show The Braxtons, I couldn’t help but to appreciate her in all her ways. Sometimes you’d like to ask Tamar why are you thinking that way, or girl why you acting like that? But isn’t that type of chick in most of us? Hello! I know I can be a great big brat when I’m ready. So get your Life!  Regardless of her shenanigans everyone loves Tamar Braxton and here are my top three reasons I can’t get enough of the youngest Braxton.

1. Her style is always on point.

tamar-artwork Tamar-Braxton- tamar-braxton-106-and-park-31-phillip-lim-sequin-sweatpants-christian-louboutin-daffodile-suede-pumps Tamar-Braxton-Celebrates-36th-Birthday-In-Atlanta-2 tamar-braxton-new-york-city-ekineyo-rabbit-fur-print-hunter-dress-yves-saint-laurent-nude-tribtoo-patent-leather-pumps


2. Her Tamarisms : She, Me, Her – .Com – Get Your Life – Hell to the No … Here are some more…

tumblr_mrdmytQdjK1razwnio1_500 tumblr_mk028z5q0l1qbmp7lo1_500 tumblr_miwal6Pjoy1qfpilno1_500 tumblr_lzsdj0QwE51r3x4jvo1_500 tumblr_inline_mjqid0JeB91qz4rgp tamarism-def4 tamarism-def2 tamarism-def1 Tamar-Featured-3 tamar-braxton-says-my-twitter-name-d


3. Last but not least Tamar can back all the bulldotcom up because She can sing! I’ve loved Tamar since her first single “If You Don’t Wanna Love Me” she SANG that song.  With her latest album she gives you more and ushers back R&B and shows how it should be done sorry K. Michelle. Here is Tamar Braxton’s latest “Hot Sugar”



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