A Per-fekt Launch

In the journey to get beautiful skin there are so many brands looking to hold your hand down the road but only a few who are willing and able to go the extra mile to cater to the skin colors of the rainbow. Introduced to me last year Per-fekt has really raised the bar and continues to wow me with their innovative products and ability to let your skin just look like skin.

Entering stage right is their new improved packaging on their skin perfection gel which is sure to please the girl that wants to get every drop out of her product. The formula is amazing gliding smoothly on the skin, and diminishing redness and providing amazing tone. I love that you can the gel before or after makeup application to refresh and its oil free, Score! 20130924_181155


New to the world of Per-fekt is a the CC cream which has grabbed a hold of this young girl’s heart and just won’t let go.

-Let’s talk about the packaging which makes for a mirror that will not get dirty, this feature is hypoallergenic (especially when using sponges) but also keeping yucky stuff out.

-The formula is like Butter! Going smoothly on to your skin and creating a flawless look. It hydrates, controls oil, and wait for it… has buildable natural coverage. Seriously it’s almost criminal that this can all be done in one step.

-Lastly although there are only a few shades everyone up to a NW48 (MAC) is covered. That in itself is something to write home to grandma about. Check out all the other amazing products that per-fekt has, you’ll be sure to leave Sephora quite happy, I promise.


Richard Anderson, President – Founder – Creator


Having a little wine with my per-fekt perfection gel and new concealer


Now that’s my kinda candy


The beautiful new CC cream and concealers on display


all smiles wearing my new cc cream after a long day at work right on top of my hours old foundation with Richard Anderson of per-fekt


the other star of the show and she doesn’t disappoint skin perfection concealer under the eyes…AAAmazing!

20130924_185636 20130924_183411 20130924_183255 20130924_181445
20130924_180748 20130924_180719 20130924_180659 20130924_180333

Merli says: Get your per-fekt it will change your life and add time to it.

Grade: A+




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