How to: 3 Halloween Looks Using Inglot

The Wicked Witch 



INGLOT products needed: Freedom System #391,318,120R, Gel Eyeliner #77, Cream Concealer #37 mixed with Duraline and Body Pigment #153, Mattifying Powder #31, AMC Matte Lip Pencil #21 and 33


1. On a palette, Mix equal parts Cream Concealer 37 & Body Pigment #153 with a few drops of Duraline and apply to face and body.

2. Apply Mattifying Powder 31 to set.

3. Using brush 31T, Apply AMC Eyeliner Gel 77 for the eyebrows, creating a very high arch in the brow shape.

4. Using brush 16PP, apply eyeshadow 318 to the lid.

5. Using brush 6SS, take the lightest shade of 120R to begin defining the crease area. Begin at the outer V of the eye and blend upwards to the brow bone.

6. Using the same brush, take the darkest shade of 120R and apply to the crease, placing the most color at the outer V and blending upwards.

7. Take the middle color of 120R to create a seamless blend between the black and light grey for a smooth gradation of color.

8. Apply AMC Eyeliner Gel 77 in a heavy cat-eyed wing shape, at the lash line.

9. Using 120R, use brush 3P to begin contouring the cheekbones and sides of the nose to give the face definition.

10. Apply AMC Lip Pencil 21 to outline and fill the lips.

11. Apply AMC Lip Pencil 33 to the outer corners of the lips and feather inward for a fuller pout.






INGLOT products needed:  Freedom System #338, 473, 345, 155, Gel liner #77, 95, Blush #30, Pressed Powder #30, Lipliner #67, Lipstick #404


1. For the Eyes, Apply Eye Makeup Base 01 to prime the eye, to prevent the eyeshadow from creasing and assure longevity.

2. Apply eyeshadow 155 with the 16PP on the lid.

3. Using a 6SS brush, apply eyeshadow 345 to the crease and blending upwards towards the brow bone.

4. Next blend eyeshadow 473 to the outer-v of the crease area, concentrating the most color on the outer portion on the crease area and working the color upwards toward the brow bone

5. Using a 10S brush, apply eyeshadow 338 to the crease and blend upwards towards the brow bone for a gradation of color.

6. Apply AMC Eyeliner Gel 77 for a winged eyeliner. Create an elongation to the wing at the tear duct also.

7. From the outer corner of the eye, create another line parallel to your wing. Connect these two lines to form the outline of a triangular wing.

8. Fill the inside of the triangular wing with AMC Eyeliner Gel 95.

9. Fill Brows

10. Contour the cheekbones and sides of nose with Pressed Powder #30, using a 3P brush.

11. Using a 15BJF Brush, Apply Blush 30 to the apples of cheeks.

11. Apply False Lash Effect Mascara to Top and Bottom Lashes.

12. Apply Lipliner 67 to outline the lips

13. Using a 12S brush, blend the lipliner inward, for a softer outline.

14. Apply Lipstick 404 to fill the lips.


Sugar Skull 

image (1)






INGLOT products needed:  Freedom System Eyeshadow #60, 63, Pure Pigment #70, Gel Liner #77, Body Pigment #126, Pure Pigment #33, Blush #48, Kohl Pencil Black, AMC Matte Lip Pencil #20, 21, Mattifying Powder #31, Cream Concealer # 37 mixed with Duraline




1. On a palette, mix Cream Concealer 37 with 2-3 drops of Duraline and apply to entire face (and/or neck area)


2. Set with Mattifying Powder 31 to prevent creasing.


3. Mix Body Pigment 126 with Duraline, and create a solid heart on the center of the forehead, and an inverted solid heart on the center of the chin with brush 23T.


4. Mix assorted pigment colors with Duraline for circle decor and swirls on the face. Be sure to keep symmetry when adding these smaller details.


5. Using AMC Eyeliner Gel 77 on a 23T brush, outline the hearts and circles.


6. Draw a triangular shape on the nose area using AMC Eyeliner Gel 77 with a 23T Brush.


7. For the Eyes, begin by drawing a large circle around each eye and filling in with 63 Eyeshadow. (Brush 16PP is ideal for such application)


8. Mixing Pure Pigment 70 with Duraline, create small semi-circular linked patterns around the eye, looping around the black center circle you’ve created before.


9. Using AMC Eyeliner Gel 77 and a 23T brush, outline the eye decor.


10. For the Lips, Use AMC Matte Lip Pencil 20 to fill-in the lips.


11. Outline the Lips with Khol Pencil 01.


12. Use AMC Matte Lip Pencil 21 to blend out the harsh black line toward the inside of the lips.


13. Use AMC Eyeliner Gel to draw a line from the outer corners of the lips, for an elongated smile.


14. Apply Blush #48 to apples of cheeks using brush 15BJF to complete look.



What are you going to be for Halloween?

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