A Gift for Your Special Man: Menaji Skincare

Menaji Skincare is the answer to all your gift and everyday concerns when it comes to the skin on your man. Is he one of those guys who refuses to go into skincare concerned that he’ll be gawked at? Or do you end up with all your skincare depleting faster than expected because he won’t admit that he loves the way it makes his face feel after shaving? Menaji is for the manliest of men who refuse to put anything on their skin that will have their friends clown them. Singer Aaron Neville who is a fan was turned onto it by his wife says:

“My wife bought this for me and I have to say, I was a little gun shy. I’m definitely a macho kind of guy, but I love it because no one knows I’m wearing it.”

Gentlemen, here’s what you need to know:

1. Great skin requires three essential products: A Cleanser, an Exfoliator, a Moisturizer (watch those razor bumps disappear)

2. The skin around your eyes shows aging most – Use an Eye Gel

3. Take care of your lips; Lip balm is the most overlooked tool in maintaining a great face (oh and lots of kisses)

Menaji Lip Agent

Menaji Basics Set

Menaji Full Line

Lip Agent

Menaji Basics Skincare Set

The Entire Menaji Line


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