Gift Guide: Gold by Jay-Z

The first fragrance by the Rap Mogul Gold by Jay-Z hasn’t hit shelves yet but there is already lots of hoopla around the men’s fragrance. You probably already know about the controversy surrounding its debut at Barney’s where two young people of color were falsely accused of some form of stealing and the inability to afford the products in which they were acquiring. Unfortunately business sometimes doesn’t make sense when it comes to reality and this is one of those cases. For those of you who decided to boycott Barney’s, I know I have, there will be a roll out of Gold by Jay-Z 2,000 department stores, led by Macy’s,Sephora, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Belk, Bon-Ton and Ulta. So you can still get your man a piece of Gold Score!

Gold by Jay-Z

Gold by Jay-Z

Not only is the packaging amazing but the display at Macy’s will be also photo worthy One of the large windows will contain a visual interactive feature. When a passerby stands in front of the glass, the window is designed to reflect the image of a golden avatar of the person on the street. Inside the store, a 15-second video will be running on-counter showing an image of Jay Z, morphing into gold neck chain, then cap — inscribed with his words to live by — and a fragrance bottle. How hot is that. There will also be fragrance foot soldiers on the street passing out samples on Broadway. Price points for the cologne range from $39 for the 30-ml. size, $55 for 50 ml. and $70 for 90 ml. There also will be an aftershave pour in a translucent bottle, a deodorant and a shower gel.

Whose buying? Leave a comment below saying whether you’ll pass or cave in.


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