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Thanks to Ifabbo I had the unique opportunity to test out, Becca The One Perfecting Brush. In researching about this brush I thought there was no way that one brush could replace 10 brushes which include:  foundation, powder, contour, bronzer, stipple, blush, fan, concealer brush, kabuki, and sponge. But as always challenges excite us here at Lashes and Curves so why not try to make it do what it says it does.


Becca The One Perfecting Brush

Becca The One Perfecting Brush



About the Becca the One Perfecting Brush
From start to finish, primer to powder, The One Perfecting Brush can be used with liquids, creams, powders and anything in between. Non-porous, high-quality goat hair allows product to sit on top of bristles rather than absorbing, ensuring a seamless application with no wasted product. It can be used effectively as a foundation brush, powder brush, contour brush, bronzer brush, stipple brush, blush brush, fan brush, concealer brush, kabuki, or sponge.

The bristles are packed in a 3.5 inch horizontal design allowing you to effortlessly and evenly cover larger or smaller surface areas. The density of the brush creates a smooth, even, and airbrushed application every time, taking the guesswork out of brushwork. Flat edges fit the linear contours of your face, while curved corners allow for targeted, more precise application. Long, flexible bristles make a variety of application techniques possible including: targeted application, stippling, blending, contouring, and highlighting.

Becca The One Perfecting Brush

  • To apply Foundation – Using the broad side of the brush, sweep foundation horizontally across forehead and then move to cheeks and chin. Finish by sweeping vertically down the nose using the narrow surface of the brush.
  • To apply Highlighter – Using the narrow surface of the brush, sweep illuminator down the tops of cheekbones and down the bridge of nose.
  • To apply Contour – Using the narrow surface of the brush, sweep brush under cheekbones, down sides of nose, and around temples.
  • To apply Blush or Beach Tint – Using the corner of the brush, buff into apples of cheeks using a circular motion and blend out.
  • Brush care – Wash the bristles gently in lukewarm water with a mild alcohol-free soap or baby shampoo. Don’t submerge in water. Don’t tug bristles. Lay flat on a towel to dry. Wash at least every 2 weeks if used daily. Never use alcohol-based cleansers.
  • This brush is made of cruelty free goat hairs. The bristles are free of dye, ensuring they will not lose shape or softness over time, and the unique shape of the handle and soft-touch finish provide complete control during application, allowing you to create your desired look.

Alright enough what they say it can do, let’s talk about the reality of the Perfecting one shall we.


  • At first glance she’s a keeper the ergonomic handle, the weight, and the brush is beautiful and soft.
  • Multi-tasking was a cinch when it came to applying foundation, powder and concealer no fuss and I didn’t have to clean off the brush between application.
  • The finishing effect of using the One Perfecting Brush is so amazing. Your skin looks airbrushed I mean no streaks just flawless.
  • Cleaning was a cinch foundation and long wear concealer
Becca The One Perfecting Brush

My face after utilizing Becca The One Perfecting Brush with my Make Up For Ever HD foundation and powder.


  • The occasional shedding which Becca confirmed is normal with the brush was minimal but still got on my nerves. Not enough for me to cease use of the Perfecting Brush

Becca The One Perfecting Brush

  • For precision use of the brush to apply concealer I wouldn’t recommend using the brush as it did absorb product and for concealer that’s not a good look.
  • The brush does absorb more product than I would like but not a big deal.


Its a great brush to replace your powder, foundation and blush brush on your vanity or in your pocketbook. A good value and so soft you’ll slap anyone who puts any hard bristles to your face.

Merli says:  Go get it! A


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