Love Without the Possibility of a Child

Love without the possibility of a child nah that could never be me. You’ve seen it on television relationships coming to a head because one of the individuals in the relationship doesn’t want or fears having another child. You think it only exists on television until one day you’re confronted with it head on.. The rock throwing sentence,  I don’t know if I want to have anymore children. What is hard about those words is being the responsible one who waited for the right time who didn’t jump the gun and tried to do everything by the book  marriage before children, might have to choose love over their desire to create their own family.

Love without the possibility of child


As a former foster youth and child who didn’t grow up in a traditionally family it’s always been my desire to one day be able to create my own family. At thirty that desire has become even more important and pressing, as society says your eggs are about to dry up, but seriously after thirty five pregnancy becomes high risk and more expensive if you ask me. I thought by now that I would be a biological mother, with a home and a career working towards retirement but instead I’m experiencing a mid-life crisis and the unknown. Will I decide to forgo my soul mate in pursuit of a family of my own? If I go with popular opinion of people surveyed in the book entitled  Kidfree and Lovin’ It  this is simply a deal breaker and that the relationship is doomed. The author Kaye D. Walters says “Don’t just end a perfectly good relationship without first examining your means and motivations on the kid issue.” In the same token she also leans toward ending the relationship. Ay caramaba! 

So what does one do? Do you continue to love and date get married and hope that your partner views change or do you let it go and move on? What a crossroads to be in I never thought I’d have to make a decision such as this and quite frankly don’t know what to do with it. What would you do?

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