New Year Same You Better Choices


It’s a New Year, it’s the same you but why not make better choices rather than resolutions that you’ll be hard pressed to keep in March? Yea that’s what I said and that’s why I’ve made a list of better choices that anyone can stick to for the entire year, who knows it might just change your habits making you better.

New Year Same Me Better Choices

1. Weight Loss

One of the biggest resolutions that millions make but fail to succeed at, In 2015 we will conquer this by working out for fifteen minutes a day… yup fifteen minutes you’ll set your alarm 20 minutes before you usually do and make this happen. Here is a total body workout  from fitness blender for you to follow right on your computer or Ipad, no dvd players necessary. Remember working out goes hand and hand with eating so make better choices when it comes to food, kill the soda intake, up the fruits, vegatables and legumes (beans) and yes its ok to have a cheat day or two remember everything in moderation.


2. No Debt

Say this with me, ” I will not buy this ___________  just because it’s on sale because in reality I’ll end up paying full price and then some.” How simple was that. The reality is I’ve fallen into this trap and rather than save I’ve created debt that I had to climb out of so who really won? The stores and the credit card companies. So here is what to do, going with the “Snowball” effect you’re going to write down all your debts then categorize from smallest to largest. Start by scheduling minimum payments for all debts and pay off your smallest debt first putting as much as you can towards, when you’re done move on to the next. Every time you pay a debt off, you add its old minimum payment to your next debt payments.
So, as the snowball rolls over, it picks up more snow. I’ve included a worksheet from Dave Ramsey for you to follow.

Snowball Debt Worksheet3. Create a Budget and Stick to It

We are paying out debt down but we are struggling in other areas too so lets make a plan so that we don’t get overwhelm and chuck the dueces to it quickly. Below you’ll find a solid guideline of the percentages that you should be putting towards each of your expenses monthly in order to be successful.

Rent/ Housing: No more than 30 percent

Food: 12 Percent

Transportation/Car: 10 percent

Utilities/Bills: 5 percent

Entertainment/Clothes/Misc: 10 percent ( Here is where you’d reduce as much as possible to pay down debt but don’t make it zero or else you’ll be hard press to maintain the budget.

Insurance/Health Care: 10 percent

Paying off debt: 15 percent or more if possible by taking remainders of what is not used towards the budget and transferring it here.

Retirement Fund (401k): Up to Employer Match Double your money because the truth is you are getting older, and you’ll need these funds for the future. Come on its the adult thing to do.


4. Travel More

Yes it’s on top of my list of things to do so how do we make it happen? Start by doing short travels not only by plane, but also rail, boat and bus. Lots of great deals are available but you have to plan ahead, some great sites are Goggle Flights which gives you a broad look at cost of flights for the entire world. On The Fly is also a great app for flights that is available for both IOS and Google Play

cute luggage


5. Connect with Friends and Family More

Whether that be through skype, snapchat, facebook, phone call, or wait for it in person we are often guilty of not having a balance when it comes to enjoying quality time with the ones who make you happy and add positivity to your life. So lets actively work on that. Schedule a day to start out the month where you will make calls, or even dare I say it write letters include a goody to sweeten the snail mail. You’ll be surprised how you’ll bring joy not only to your loved one but also bring happiness to their lives. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing someone took out time to acknowledge you and how much you mean to them.

Snail Mail




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