Samsung Smart TV and Why You Need It

Five reasons you’ll want to have a Samsung Smart TV in your life:

♥ Ability to sync your Samsung tablet and phone so that everyone can partake in music playlist and games.

♥ Samsung Smart Apps! They will make your television an oversized computer so that you access your fave everyday apps like Facebook, Spotify, Hulu Plus and Skype (& yes there is a camera on your television)


♥ Seamless syncing and control with your beloved Samsung gadget have you used the infamous Watch On app? Its quite amazing and controls your television, entertainment center without a miss oh and did I mention your Samsung gear can control it too? Yes I know no need to look for the remote ever again.


♥ Samsung Updates Frequently what I Love most about Samsung is that they are always ensuring their customers are getting the latest and greatest software to upgrade the system and the way you experience technology. Thank you kindly Samsung.


♥ Most importantly the picture is amazing, crisp and the colors pop off the screen (warning Food Network will become even more difficult to watch while on a diet).


Whose up for TV shopping? I am!

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