Beauty Review: Pur’s Big Look Extreme Mascara

Who would lashes and curves be without voluminous, long and beautifully curly lashes? Absolutely nothing and Pur’s newest mascara lineup proves to keep us alive and well with their new Big Look Mascara made with Argan Oil. Lots of companies make claims about creating volume and length while conditioning our eye hairs but for the first time in a long time I absolutely could feel the difference when putting on the mascara and even when it was time to take it off.

  • Application was easy the brush allowed me to kiss every lash on my lid with no mess
  • formula was so nice and I applied three coats with no clumps in site
  • when dry the mascara didn’t feel hard and yucky it was flexible as if my lashes had a coat of flexing armour
  • by the end of the night my eyes remained racoonless even without a waterproof claim Big Look stood the test of time heat, humidity and my watery eyes

Miss Merli says: Go get yours because I got mine!

Grade: A+

Big Look Smoldering eyes


open mouth application is key

open mouth application is key


Side View

Happy Lashes happy Merli

Happy Lashes happy Merli


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