PottyMints: Mints for Your Potty

Introduced to me at the Beautypress Spotlight event Pottymints caught my eye, little mints for my potty, why don’t mind if I do. Ever felt embarrassed after going to the bathroom in someone else’s home say a new beau and you don’t want to share your inner most scent? Pottymints will not only take away whatever scent you drop but bring a beautiful fragrance to the air.


Created by Suzanna Grobman POTTYMINTS are the world’s first water dissolvable fine fragrance that transforms the air with the effervescence of a pocket-sized tablet, activated when simply dropped in a freshly flushed toilet. The two fragrances  are La Fleur a beautiful floral with notes of citrus, jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood and Arancia di Capri which is a sensual scent that combines fresh citrus notes with juicy nectarine and hints of caramel


Not only will you be able to save face but also bring a beautiful scent wherever you or even in your own home as this can take the place of your candles, diffusers, and air fresheners in your bathroom. You can purchase your PottyMints online and in other locations. And the price is right if you ask me check them out below. I’ll be using my mint asap.

Individual POTTYMINT – SRP: $2.00

Travel Trio (3 tablets/box) – SRP: $5.50

Set of Three Travel Trios – SRP: $15.00

Small Gift Bag (28 tablets) – SRP: $32.00

Large Gift Bag (52 tablets) – SRP: $58.00



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