5 Lesson’s I’ve Learned About Love

One of the greatest things that we can do while we are on this Earth is to LOVE. If you’re spiritual like I am learning to love the way that God loves us can be one of our biggest struggles in life. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about love, just five though because really I could write a book about it.


Lesson one: Never regret the Love you’ve shared no matter the outcome

It’s so hard to have loved a partner and I’m talking about textbook give up some things for this person kind of love. What happens when you given it your all only for him or her to walk away? Usually you are left with that feeling that you’ll never share your good love again, the truth is you will. If we live in regret we will never live and love fully.

Love without limits

Lesson Two: You will Love again and do so with the same passion you did with the last.

Yup I’ve been there talking to God and saying, I’ll never love another the way I did him because no one deserves all that I bring to the table. The truth is there is someone out there that has been fashioned for you, and that good love you got so don’t let the last one mess it up for “The One”.


Lesson Three: Love is hard, but don’t give up on it.

This is not just relationship love, this is loving your knucklehead kids, your family, the hard to reach youth of today, and even the elders who seem to be working your last nerve. Yup you gotta love them all and do so with agape love. What does that mean Agapeis a sacrificial love that voluntarily suffers inconvenience, discomfort, and even death for the benefit of another without expecting anything in return. Read more about it here: Agape Love


Lesson Four: Sometimes you have to let go in the name of Love.

This is a difficult one we have all experienced this whether it be a dysfunctional friend, or partner. You’re such a lover till it hurts, you’re always giving chances, making excuses, and not facing reality. The fact of the matter is when you love you have to also practice sense (not common sense because it isn’t common) When loving someone begins to effect who you are as a person, your life or even compromise your health it’s time to love them from afar.

God's Love Family

Lesson Five: I know what true Love is, now I wait for it to manifest.

Some people live and die and never get to experience true love. I call it God’s love but what is so amazing about it is that it is manifested in our lives in so many different ways. My greatest desire in life is to see God’s love manifest into a family for me. A foster care alumni or survivor some would call me the hardest thing is never feel like you never quite belonged to a family. Maybe it’s too storybook but I still envision a hubby, two or three kids and a dog that will fill a home with laughter, memories and love. I don’t seek fame and fortune just an amazing family that I will Love for life.


Bonus: Love yourself first always.

How can you love anyone or anything if you don’t first learn to love who you are and everything that you do without fault. If you have any questions about loving everything about you even the faults, then you can’t love anything on God’s green Earth. So learn to love yourself, understand why God’s love for you and then loving everything else will be a piece of cake at least most of the time.



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