Gift Guide: Capri Blue Candles


Introduced to me for the first time at the Beautypress Spotlight Day Capri Blue Candles was easily my favorite vendor especially because besides beauty home decor and creating a good aura at home is my favorite thing to do. Known for their outstanding fragrances and quality Capri Blue Candles are hand poured one at a time, a method that honors the traditional candle makers.  Super-refined, food grade soy wax formulation absorbs more fragrance oil than any other natural candle wax in the marketplace which speaks to the Capri Blue Candles ability to scent the entire room in a short space of time. Their yummy fragrances will blow you away and the candles burn clean and strong, lasting up to twice as long as normal candles.

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What really drew me in was the fact that each of their glass vessels can be repurposed for household use as storage containers, vases or even luminaries with votives or tea lights if you know me you know I love a beautiful storage container, it makes going green easy and fabulous. There is a look and scent that will fit everyones design motif at home or in the office.

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Great for Holiday gifts and all year round

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Most importantly every candle is hand poured with pride here in the USA, in Mississippi.  Supporting our local economy and small family owned businesses Capri Blue is a great company that is doing modern and beautiful things with a tried and true old fashioned heart.  Check out the candles below and check them out at their price range from 18-40 dollars definitely a great price for a multi-use item that’ll bring happiness to your life.

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2015-05-05 17.20.172015-05-05 17.15.59



My God mother Sarah was very happy to receive her very own  for Mother’s day imageShe Loves Capri Blue Candles! Her candle is from the Gilded Muse Collection a fave of mines  Get yours in time for father’s day Michael asked for his own too in Black for the office.



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